Capture Authentic Wedding Memories with a Boston Audio Guest Book

The Real Voices of Your Wedding

Capture the real voices of your wedding guests with Boston's best audio guestbooks. Record all the heartfelt messages, funny stories, and unforgettable memories that make your wedding so unique. These audio guestbook voicemails will only get better and better with time, just like the wedding photos and the fine wine.
wedding guest smiling while talking into a pink audio guest book

Easy and Hassle-Free

Our audio guestbooks are battery powered and portable. With just one push of a button, you can start recording the authentic and unfiltered voicemails of your wedding guests. We save every single message which is recorded as its own individual voicemail. You'll receive a gallery of everything within a day or so of receiving the phone back - perfect for honeymoon listening!
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Keep Your Memories Forever

Audio guestbooks allow you to immortalize the memories of your wedding day. Capture candid stories, heartfelt messages, and all the wonderful moments that make your day so special. With an audio guestbook, you can keep your memories alive forever.

What makes us the best audio guest book in Boston:

A Gallery for your Voicemails

After the event, we'll upload your voicemails to your own portal page so you can play, pause, skip, repeat and share your voicemails from virtually anywhere with an internet connection - perfect for a Honeymoon Activity!

Customized Greeting

If you're shy, you can use one of our pre-recorded greetings, but your guests would love to hear your voice, so we recommend uploading a greeting! To do that, it's as simple as dialing a phone number and recording yourself.

One-Click Download

No more complicated file-sharing systems to get your voicemails. Our portal allows for a simple, one-click solution to download all your voicemails to your device so that you'll have them forever.

Virtual Guest Book

Things happen and sometimes guests can't make it to the wedding - but that doesn't mean they can't leave a message! We make it simple for your virtual guests to dial in and leave a message for you.